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Riitta Klint’s paintings are ethereal and complex, beginning with thin veils of paint that drip, pool and congeal, and mimic nature, organic and unrestrained. Klint works intuitively and impulsively within these initial drips and pools, and each successive stroke of paint or pencil mark continues to build a dreamlike otherworldly place. The mood is one of nature untamed; mysterious, beautiful, and rife with hidden secrets. Klint describes her work as hybrid dreamscapes of all the places she has lived and seen, married together in a somewhat uneasy, yet harmonious union.

Riitta was born in Helsinki, Finland and currently lives and maintains a studio in Miami, Florida. Between these two places is a lifetime spent traveling the world thanks to her father’s career with IBM. Living in her native Finland, as well as in Iran, Portugal, Indonesia, Germany, Mexico, and the United States, together with extensive travel in Asia and Europe has shaped her unique vision and palette. Her work offers the viewer a front seat to that journey, and a threshold to cross over into their own imagination.

Klint works primarily in acrylic and pencil on Claybord™, smooth kaolin clay covered panels that offer the ideal surface for her manipulation of color and medium. The magical alchemy that occurs, the constant transformation of material into fantasy, beckons the viewer to keep returning to pick up a new thread in a continuing conversation with the work.



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